Cal brings your day into focus
Now On Android releases Cal for Android: a focus finding
calendar app with added perks and unparalleled
user experience for the Android platform.

San Francisco, CA - December 4, 2013 - We come from an Android heritage. At a time when most companies were starting on iOS, we decided to launch, our flagship to-do app, on Android. We saw an opportunity to create an app that transforms daily life planning into something special, something that actually empowers users to enjoy the very experience of conquering each day. Rooted in the belief that intuitive, elegant features are just as important as functionality,’s overwhelming success was a sign that we were going in the right direction as we expanded our vision with Cal.

Today we’re pleased to announce the release of Cal for Android – not just an Android app but a continued commitment to breaking new ground on the same platform that helped us get here in the first place. It’s the first step in our larger plan to make the kinds of apps people truly love to use, and you can expect a rapid evolution as and Cal become smarter and more dynamic tools woven into your everyday life.

  • Social and location integrations predict who you want to meet and even suggest nearby places for meeting them
  • tasks are perfectly woven into your calendar so you can see what needs to get done for each event
  • Cal knows when you’ll need to get on the road and let’s you seamlessly get an Uber, or use a Google Maps to navigate your way there
  • Swipe, tilt, and flow your way through a productive day while still finding time between commitments to refocus on what matters
  • Rich graphics in 9 specially curated photo themes add harmony to working life and personal time

Cal is about turning your everyday calendar into something you enjoy using. It’s about bringing a sense of satisfaction and playfulness to your day, breaking new ground in your own life. It helps you focus on what you care about the most, whether that means finding “me time” to do those important things that rarely get scheduled in or scheduling a project meeting with your colleagues.

But what distinguishes Cal from all other calendar apps is its approach to planning and accomplishment. Cal knows when and how to help you do things so you can breeze through your schedule without letting anything slip through the cracks. Our users look forward to checking their calendars because we give them the control and ease they need to make the most of each day.

As a special bonus, we’ve also worked in some Android-only features that we know users will love:

Android Widget: Get an overview of your day right from the homescreen so you can stay on top of things without having to open the app.

Landscape mode: Tilt your phone for a more open view of your calendar, meetings, and tasks. This was one of the most asked-for features and we’re proud to deliver it to our Android users.

Real time sync with Google Calendar, Exchange any many others: Experience perfect integration between your calendar service and your Cal app.

Tighter integration: Android users are able to place task lists from their app right into Cal, putting to-do’s in their appropriate time and place for ultimate planning convenience. An incredibly effective way to merge your schedule with your to-do’s.

With every release and every new user, Cal gets smarter to become a truly intuitive time management app that gives you exactly what you need when you need it. We’ve got big plans for building the next generation of life management tools to help people have more of those magical, perfectly synchronized days where the right things get done at the right time. Stay tuned.

Cal is now available in Google Play (and as always, available in iTunes). Additional images of Cal for Android and content can be accessed here and here.

About was founded in 2010 by Omer Perchik, Yoni Lindenfeld, and Itay Kahana. Frustrated by the inefficiency of life management tools available to him, Omer was inspired to create something that would actually help get things done in a simple, playful, harmonious way. His goal was to create a suite of apps that simplify the way people organize their lives and help create more time for having fun. After the wide-spread success the to-do app, is broadening its platform starting with Cal. Read more about the vision, latest news, and team.

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