Great news! After its successful launch last year, we are super excited to announce that starting today the Skill for Amazon Alexa is expanding its reach to more countries!

Going forward, the Skill will be available to users from Canada, India, Australia, France, and Japan – topping off the US, UK, and Germany (which were supported since the initial launch). Amazon Stores in all of these countries have already added the Skill to their market.

Installing the Skill

From Your app

  • Make sure you have’s latest version.
  • Go to Settings -> ‘Connect to Amazon Alexa’.
  • You’ll be transferred to your Amazon Alexa app. Click “Enable”.
  • Log in to your account from that page and you’re done!

From your Alexa app

  • Search in Skill -> -> Click to enable
  • You’ll be transferred to a login page – make sure to connect with your account to enable the sync.
  • In your app Settings you will now see ” Amazon Alexa Sync”. From there you can configure and control the sync.

What’s It All About

The benefit of Alexa devices lays in voice interaction. Using voice recognition is super fast and efficient when adding items and to-do’s to your Alexa lists, eliminating the need to reach for your phone. The Skill for Alexa gives you the ability to effortlessly sync those lists to your device, without any physical action required on your end.

With the Skill for Alexa You Can:

  1. Sync your Alexa lists to – the perfect on-the-go experience.
  2. Add items/tasks from to Alexa which will sync in real time to your Alexa app
  3. Items and Task added from your Alexa or Alexa app will be also synced in real time to your account.