The Skill for Amazon Alexa

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It was only a few months ago that we launched our integration with Amazon Alexa, and you guys absolutely loved it! Lots of customers activated the integration and started using it regularly.

However, some of you wanted to make the integration easier to set up. Today, we’re delighted to introduce the simplest, most straightforward way to connect your with Alexa via the all new¬† Skill for Alexa. Grocery & Shopping list

With this brand new Skill, syncing your Amazon Alexa lists with your account has just became a whole lot easier. In fact, it’s so simple that¬†those who have already activated the old ‘Alexa integration’ won’t need to do a thing. The sync will continue as before and within a few weeks, the skill for Alexa will be added automatically to your amazon skills.¬†

What does it do?

The benefit of Alexa devices lays in voice interaction. Using voice recognition is super fast and efficient when adding items and to-do’s to your Alexa lists, eliminating the need to reach for your phone. The new¬† Skill for Alexa gives you the ability to effortlessly sync those lists to your devices, again without any physical action required on your part. Alexa Skill

You can add items to your Shopping list and To-Do list, which will in turn sync to your account, helping you increase your productivity by staying organized anywhere you go. Quickly access, edit and prioritize your Alexa Shopping and To-Do items on the go by using it with

How to set it up? Amazon Echo Alexa

 Open the Alexa app

¬†Search ‘Skills’ for

 Select and enable

¬†Sign-in with your account information‚Ķ. that’s it!

Once your and Alexa accounts are connected, ask Alexa to add items to your lists and get them done using

It’s a two-way sync

  • Each task you add to your Alexa Shopping & to-do¬†lists will be added to their counterparts and¬†vice versa.
  • Each task you edit, complete or delete in’s Alexa Shopping & to-do lists will automatically sync and update on your ¬†Alexa and vice versa.
  • Using our sharing feature you can even share your Alexa lists with your friends¬†and family. To-do list Alexa

Coming up

We are working to make sure you get the latest when it comes to being productive using your echo devices. ¬†We are planning to substantially broaden this capability in the near future to allow even better control of your to-do’s, smart voice commands and more. These features are already in the works and will be coming out soon – stay tuned!

44 Replies to “The Skill for Amazon Alexa”

  1. Hi

    I’m not able to link my existing account to the skill in alexa. Any ideas what may be going wrong or where should I get help?

  2. Hi Emmanouil,

    Thank you for your comment, Please contact our support regarding this issue

  3. Hi, how do I get her to separate grocery items when telling her a list? When I say “Alexa, please add milk and butter to my shopping list”. It comes out on the list on one line as “milkbutter”.

  4. I would love for the integration to be with Alexa reminders instead of just the to do lists. When I ask Alexa to remind me to do something it is in a different list than “shopping” and “to do”.

  5. Hey Troy,

    Unfortunately, this is a known Alexa issue in which you can’t add more than one item per one request. However, when using our Skill you can easily add multiple items to your synced lists straight from Hope this helps! Feel free to contact our support team regarding this issue on any other question you may have –

  6. I bought the app for using with Alexa but it can’t be found in Alexa’s skills. Is there a reason it’s not available in Canada? My friend has it working and connected but when I search the skill in Alexa I only find Any List not

  7. When will become available in Canada. I have suscribed before learning it is not available in Canada for Alexa

  8. Hi Ursula,

    We are currently working on it, the skill is set to be released in the next 2 weeks.
    Please contact our support team if you have any further questions

  9. Hi Michelle,

    We are currently working on it, the skill is set to be released in the next 2 weeks.
    Please contact our support team if you have any further questions

  10. Is it possible to remove an item from a list using alexa? I’d like to use the list for cooking prep. E.G. I set a task list of 1) Chop onions, peel potatoes, marinade chicken etc. I know I can ask Alexa to read the list off to me, but can i say something “Alexa, remove chop onions from task list”

  11.… Homeys… Why the heck is not available as a skill in Canada??

    Doesn’t make sense.

    Fix this annoyance, and I will happily pay for Premium.


    P.S. Love the app!

  12. Hi. I’m in the UK. Don’t seem to be able to sync multiple lists. Pages in your web site say it should be possible.
    Or do I need premium?

  13. Hi Dominic,

    The skill is available in the US for now, but it should be available in the UK very soon, please contact our support for more information customers[at]

  14. Please make the skill available in India. I know a lot of people who would like that. Cheers

  15. Still no Alexa integration for Canada? Why not? We sound just like you Americans, eh?

  16. Hey Steve ūüôā The skill is going to be available for Canada, hopefully in the next 2 weeks, once it’s live we’ll make sure to post it on social media

  17. Hi, Am I able to sync my alexa lists to two accounts?? As in, my wife and I have separate accounts for our own stuff, but we have one echo at home…and for example we’d like the alexa shopping list to appear on both of our apps on our phones.

  18. Hi

    At the moment I can only get Alexa to add items to my Shopping and ToDo lists in Any.Do.

    I need a other list, called Work Tasks, but I can’t get Alexa to add to this list in Any.Do. Instead, she adds the task to my TO-DO list in the Alexa app, which is useless to me because I don’t check this list. I also paid for 1-year premium subscription to Any.Do so please consider fixing this issue.

    Best regards

  19. Hey Steve,

    You can do it, you need to create the list on your Alexa list feature and sync it to Once the list is synced you can add from your Alexa directly to your app. Please contact our support [email protected] for assistance.

  20. How long does it take to have support reply to a problem? I”m anxious to use but it’s not working on my Alexa/Kindle Fire. I sent email to support. Is there a phone number to call? Thanks for help!

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