Turn Starred Emails in Gmail to Tasks in Any.do

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Whether it’s communicating with colleagues, customers, or scheduling meetings, emails create a productive environment for your workplace, but is it as productive as it could be? You get hundreds of emails each week, needing to keep track of which ones are most important out of all of them. What if every time you starred an email, it would turn into a task for you to complete, instead of just marking it as important unread or snoozed? It’s possible.

Any.do’s latest integration with Gmail via Zapier allows you to star any email in your Gmail and it will create a new task in your Any.do app, boosting productivity for not only you but also those you communicate with.

Get started

  1. Go to Any.do’s page on Zapier and connect your accounts.
  2. Make sure you have a Premium account on Any.do.
  3. Activate the Gmail and Any.do Zap and set it up to your preference.

What’s Zapier?

Zapier allows you to instantly connect Any.do with 1,500+ apps to automate your work and get more done. Connect your accounts and activate a zap to automate everything from your simple day-to-day tasks to complicated workflows. It’s simple, yet powerful.

Don’t have a Zapier account?

Go to Zapier.com and simply create an account.

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