There’s no doubt that when it comes to learning about productivity techniques and workflows – YouTube is the best. 

Productivity influencers from all around the globe take to Youtube to offer unique productivity strategies to inspire their viewers to be the best version of themselves. 

For Productivity Day 2021, we wanted to give you the ultimate guide to YouTube influencers that are certain to enhance your toolbox of productivity tips.

These influencers not only practice productivity techniques in their own lives but come up with new ways for subscribers to effectively work and socialize.

If you want to maximize the quality of work you are producing while maintaining a well-rounded personal life, then you should look no farther than these YouTube productivity experts. 

Here are the top 14 Youtube Influencers likely to inspire you to stay productive in your personal, professional, and academic life:  

14 YouTube Productivity Experts to start with

1. Thomas Frank

Launched in 2006, Thomas Frank’s channel conveys the monotony of day-to-day life and twists those elements into productivity tactics, making his channel perfect for those who struggle to find ways to get out of their humdrum routine and be productive.

Posting regularly 3-4 times a month, Thomas Frank’s videos captivate viewers by beginning each of his videos with an engaging scenario that grasps viewers’ immediate attention in order to inspire self-fulfilling success.

His well-produced videos have a variety of alluring graphics that infuse each video with a sense of playful flare.

Aside from lively graphics, his re-enactment content serves as a great source for those yearning to learn by example.

Thomas Frank qualifies every productivity suggestion he presents with either an explanatory graphic or analysis, enabling viewers to better grasp the advice he gives.

It comes as no surprise that his channel has over 2 million subscribers and is continuously growing. 

2. Matt D’Avella


As a self-proclaimed minimalist and filmmaker, Matt D’Avella is the expert on living a productive life and eliminating clutter.

Matt D’Avella embeds his personal experience with productivity tactics that make viewers feel like they are learning and living alongside him.

His instinctual open nature has made viewers feel like they are gaining advice from a close friend since he first began his channel in 2011.

The structure of many of his videos feature second-person narratives that provide direct instructions for the spectator to follow.

The second-person structure of his videos is geared toward those seeking inspiration for reaching and setting their goals, infatuating his 3.19 million subscribers.

Matt’s content ranges from self-development to creativity, to technology – giving subscribers a large scope of advice.

His devotion to minimalism coupled with his filmmaking experience, open demeanor, and productivity expertise make his channel excellent.

3. Study To Success

Estella Waczewki’s channel ‘Study to Success’ provides studying and productivity advice to students looking for a playful guide to staying engaged.

Paired with cheerful music and floral bubbly graphics, Estella’s videos make her channel extremely aesthetically pleasing.

She uses speech bubbles and emojis to connect with young viewers and remain relatable, serving as the perfect source for younger students or professionals who may receive productivity tips in an easy-to-follow, cheerful format.

When she began her channel in 2016 she first focused on giving advice to high schoolers who may have been struggling to stay organized and standardized.

As her subscribers count grew to almost 920k she expanded her tips to product reviews and recommendations along with more overarching study tactics to improve both personal and academic success.

Now, her channel covers anything a young student may need from day-in-the-life routines to technology advice and to study with me videos.

She specifically prescribes the ‘game plan’ method to her viewers.


4. Sunny Lenarduzzi

Sunny Lenarduzzi embodies much of her name with her cheery disposition that is apparent in every one of her videos.

Her channel is perfect for people who want to have a casual conversation with a productivity expert who speaks to their viewers like they are intimate family members or friends.

She has shared her expertise with her viewers since 2009 and has almost 28 million views on her page.

Her perspective lends itself to a positive uplifting approach to productivity by giving unique tips that manipulate the structure of our traditional system in a way that makes viewers feel like they are learning something that is a secret.

Her chipper disposition along with nuanced tips creates a safe space for her subscribers to learn.

Viewers can look to Sunny’s channel for advice on self-care, and marketing tips which can ultimately allow them to become their own boss!

Sunny’s content is effective in forming a connection with her audience that makes her seem just as warm and welcoming as her name. 

5. Project Life Mastery

Project Life Mastery features productivity tycoon, Stefan James.

Created in February 2012, Project Life Mastery strives to teach its viewers how to master their own lives professionally and personally.

While Stefan’s content is well-rounded and covers many different realms of life (fitness, relationships, spirituality, etc.), much of his content is centered around economic success.

Stefan truly shows that he is the master of his own life on his channel. All of his videos illustrate his initiative to take charge in his own life in order to yield the results he wants.

His inherent confidence and deliberate speech is perfect for viewers who may need clear-cut direction and assertive guidance.

His step-by-step approach to visually explain to viewers the productivity tactics he suggests are one of the many reasons why his subscriber count has grown to 1.17 million. 

6. Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal’s channel is not the only thing that is impressive about his platform, his own personal pedigree inspires viewers to take his advice.

Ali graduated from Cambridge medical school and started his channel in 2007. Since then, Ali has given advice on how to live a happier, healthier, and more productive life to his, now, 1.81 million subscribers.

Ali’s platform is all about allocating time so that his subscribers can do what is important to them.
In many ways, his page serves as a  how-to for all things productivity.

Ali’s colloquial persona along with the format of his videos makes this channel great for those who are seeking to have an informed conversation with a productivity expert.

In each video, he explains each concept he discusses gradually and teaches viewers how to embrace technology and optimize it toward productivity.

Ali’s affinity for Apple Products may also be useful to those wanting to utilize their own Apple device towards their productivity goals. 

7. Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy‘s 1.24 million subscriber empire first began in 2007 and continues to inspire and educate viewers since its formation.

Brian Tracy’s videos take a traditional approach to sharing productivity videos on a mainstream platform.

His videos feature step-by-step approaches to combat negative distractions and enforce productivity.

Brian Tracy’s content would work best for people who respond to traditionally structured tutorial videos that appreciate nuanced graphics.

Subscribers can look to his Facebook, Twitter, and blog for additional tools and tips enhancing his platform with a multitude of ways to stay connected.

His business productivity suggestions cover everything from leadership, to sales, to managerial effectiveness.

One of the most useful tactics Brian Tracy uses on his channel is providing a visual representation for every technique he mentions, so viewers can really picture themselves implementing his methods.

8. Studyquill

UCLA freshman, Jasmine has plentiful amounts of firsthand experience to give her subscribers recommendations on how to be productive.

Studyquill is geared to college students trying to advance their productivity.

She emphasizes the importance of a routine and how that can make studying easier and more productive based on your own personal learning style.

Her videos on how to organize for school and studying could be adapted to any university or high-level education institution around the globe. Jasmine has content for every type of student.

When she first started her channel in 2016, she gave general school advice. As she advanced as a student, her subscribers have been able to grow and learn alongside her. 

Her domain of academic advice is easy for both new and old viewers to follow because of its wide net. Jasmine’s transparency and candor as a Youtuber and student are probably why she has been able to grow her following to 750k subscribers.

9. Ashley Nichole

Don’t be fooled by the flowery elements of Ashley Nichole’s channel, her productivity videos are some of the most realistic and unique ones on Youtube.

Her channel is great for someone not just looking for productivity tips, but someone who wants to see how it can be applied to a lifestyle.

For that reason, Ashely Nicole’s content has the capability of capturing the attention of millennials.

The aspiration lifestyle that she features woven with productivity tips makes spectators yearn toward her methods. She features vlog-style videos that are not only entertaining but useful when considering how her life could be applicable to productivity techniques in viewers’ lives.

Her channel has really been able to shift with the interests of her 1.16 million followers since its creation in 2012. Ashley Nichole’s specialization in beauty and fashion could interest those who may have a passion for those fields looking to incorporate productivity into their lives. 

10. Studytee

Therese, Norweigan 3rd year university student in applied mathematics uses her channel to give her viewers valuable study tips and ways to stay motivated.

With her videos, Therese creates a niche space for students struggling to stay engaged with their work.

She focuses, specifically, on students who struggle to manage their time when studying.

Her videos fall under two categories:

  1. An explainer video on how she does a particular task in regards to studying, as a demonstrative way for viewers to learn a new productivity method.
  2. Video of her studying, as a ‘study with me,’ so that viewers can follow along real-time with her.

The specialized alcove of Therese’s channel continues to compel her 1.19 million subscribers to follow along.

11. Keep Productive

Francesco D’Alessio channel, is dedicated to helping people find the perfect set of productivity tools for their personal work/life requirements.

Keep Productive has everything you need to know on the latest tends and technologies in the productivity market. Whether you’re looking for a review, tutorial, or simply wanting to hear about most recent releases, Francesco will get you the low-down.

By demystifying some of the most complex productivity softwares out there, Keep Productive helps his audience make informed decisions about the kind of tools they should implement into their day-to-day routine.

His passionate style of sharing productivity news and app-related content has gained him over 200,000 subscribers and his Keep Productive has become the go-to channel for anyone looking to for the latest in the productivity marketplace.

12. Carl Pullein

Carl Pullein is the productivity and time management coach we all need in our lives. Being a global mentor, he has helped thousands of people get better at managing their time and become their most productive selves, using every-day technology.

In his YouTube videos, Carl makes it his goal to help his audience dedicate their time to the things that truly matter to them. With content varying from detailed app tutorials to productivity methods, to straightforward life-advice, Carl has got the answers we’re all looking for.

Pouring over 20 years of experience into his YouTube videos, audience (over 70K and counting) is bound to get inspired by his highly engaging, fun and educational channel.

13. Christopher Lawley

Christopher Lawley has made it his mission to prove working from an iPad and other iOS devices only, is not only possible but absolutely practical.

It might seem like a niche-channel but from many Apple users, Christopher’s channel is a one-stop-shop for everything iOS related. Covering everything iPad, automation, and productivity, Christopher is giving his users the ultimate guidebook to getting the most out of their favorite device.

Whatever your particular needs may be, whether it is automating a simply morning routine, learning some basic tutorials or diving deep into the latest iOS features, Christopher’s channel has everything you need to make things happen.

14. Lavendaire

Aileen Xu is a Chinese American social media influencer inspiring people from all over the world to live their best life through her carefully curated YouTube channel, Lavendaire.

With incredible honesty, Aileen shares her journey of coming out of her shell and venturing into a world of possibilities as she puts in the work to achieve her dream life.

Her kind and accepting approach makes her videos feel almost as if you’re talking to your best friend. Whether she’s sharing her branding tips, uncovering her productivity secrets, or discussing her radical acceptance & positivity techniques, Lavendaire is your go-to ‘feel good’ channel.

With over a million subscribers, Aileen is one of the best content-creators out there combining mental health, positivity and awareness. No matter the video, she is sure to get you inspired.


14 Additional YouTubers to enhance your productivity

These are not the only notable YouTubers that are likely to inspire you to get productive. There are so many other influencers that are doused with productivity knowledge and expertise that are just waiting to be uncovered. Their channels specialize in certain fields that would be great for those looking for tips in a specific area. Whether you’re a student, aspiring business tycoon, or want-to-be minimalist there is a channel for you. 

Here are 10 other YouTube channels containing specialized productivity content that are bound to get your productivity juices flowing:  

Maya Lee and Jem


Both Maya Lee and Jem feature day-to-day routines that encourage productivity to their viewers.

By demonstrating their days they are prescribing the productivity they implement in their lives.

Both encourage self-growth through productivity tips geared towards self-appreciation.

Maya and Jem offer a perspective that is balanced between work and personal life serving as a great resource for those seeking to achieve harmony between the two. 

Liam Porritt Jeff Su

Two promising upcomers who’ll help you get your life started-out right.

Liam Porritt, London based, is a Cambridge University graduate and current trainee lawyer. His channel focuses on helping people improve their studying habits, giving initial career advice and powerful life hacks. Liam does great work sharing the insides of practicing as a corporate attorney and combines a “how to” approach with personal demonstrations.

Jeff on the other hand covers a different angle of student life, which is all about getting a job and becoming a productive person in the workspace.  From Linkedin hacks, tips on how to do a better job at interviews and workspace productivity tips, Jeff covers it all in his in-depth and insightful videos.

Julia K Crist and Audrie Storme


While Julia K Crist specializes mostly in technology and Audrie Storme focuses primarily on lifestyle.

Both channels maintain a perfect balance between productivity and recreational content that may be easy for a first-time productivity user to digest.

Julia and Audrie’s composition of videos reveal versatility in the productivity realm and are very easy to understand based on their simplistic production execution.

The way that both creators manipulate everyday tools toward productivity methods illustrate how both of their channels serve as effective productivity resources. 

Matt Ragland and Ellen Kelley

Matt Ragland and Ellen Kelley take specific approaches to productivity based on specific tools and supplies that they use.

Matt takes a journal approach to productivity.

He shares a technique called the ‘Bullet Journal’ with his viewers and features a multitude of videos that explain how to utilize this tool to enhance productivity.

Ellen Kelley takes to specific school supplies to convey her method of productivity.

Many of her videos feature aesthetically pleasing notebooks, pens, and other school supplies as a way for her viewers to incorporate productivity into their study routine. 

The Bliss Bean and Elizabeth Fillips


The Bliss Bean and Elizabeth Fillips take a blissful approach to producing productivity content.

Both of their videos contain calming background music along with easy-to-digest suggestions that make this channel perfect for those who want to ease their way into incorporating productivity into their life.

Their realm of productivity is in all departments and diverse.

Because of the interdisciplinary content of their channels and relaxing production elements, viewers can be gently lulled into a life of productivity by watching these channels. 

Patt Flynn and Dottotech


Both Dottotech and Patt Flynn have strong YouTube channels that are actually quite complementary to each other.

Patt Flynn is one of the most prolific and popular bloggers/podcasters out there, with “Smart Passive Income” helping entrepreneurs build business from the ground up while setting out to achieve their dreams.

For Flynn, YouTube is not yet the main channel but he is definitely stepping up his YouTube game with his new SPI channel

Steven from Dottotech has been running a TV show under the same brand name in Canada for 15 years.

He publishes 2 new videos every week, focusing on using whatever devices you have for personal productivity.

His channel covers a lot of product how-tos, as well as topical subjects to help improve your day to day. With great charisma and functional knowledge, Steven’s channel is highly recommended.

Mariana’s Corner & Muchelleb

Both Mariana and Michelle  (Muchelleb) cover lifestyle, productivity and the overall living of a better life – in somewhat opposite ways.

Mariana’s approach is very methodic, based on formats and structures which you can incorporate into your routine to improve your life and get organized.

Michelle’s approach is all about balance and compassion, putting her focus on behavioral changes that fit your personal needs and unique lifestyle.

A lot of Michelle’s advice and way of doing things come from the understanding that general tips don’t always work for most people and how instead of being frustrated, they can try something else that would work specifically for their case.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or just looking to improve your personal life, you are likely to find a helpful suggestion on one of these Youtube channels.

Students currently attending university? Go to ‘StudyQuill’ and ‘Study to Success’ for studying advice.

Business professional? Project Life Mastery and Brian Tracy’s channels are great resources for you.

Want to improve your overall mental health? Sunny Lenarduzzi gives helpful advice to boost your self-esteem and stay mentally organized.

All of these videos offer a nuanced approach to productivity and have the capability of catapulting you toward your personal goals. Check them out!

Become a subscriber to one of them today.