The World's Favorite Task Management App, At Your Fingertips & On The Web

Millions use to realize their true potential. helps you achieve anything by syncing your personal tasks, work projects, and shared lists so you have a clear path moving forward. Download now to see for yourself.

Your life’s work, always with you keeps your lists and tasks in perfect sync across all your devices (even when you are offline). We offer simple, beautiful & easy to use apps for web, Android, iPhone, Mac and Chrome.

Manage everything in one place

With you can manage your personal goals, your family tasks, and your team’s projects in one place. We designed to adapt to all your needs.

Teamwork made simple

Increase your team’s productivity with shared projects, lists and tasks. Add attachments, subtasks & conversations to get things rolling. Use the notification center to make sure you know when the important stuff happens.

Your tasks. Anywhere, anytime. is available on iPhone, Android, as Chrome app, Chrome extension, and the Web. Always in sync, helping you make things happen wherever you are.

Powerful features, Simply designed

Daily Planner
The “Moment” feature is the daily planner you've been looking for.
Share and Delegate
Share your to-do’s with family, friends and colleagues and get some teamwork going.
Upload Files
Attach almost any type of file to your tasks and view them from any device.
Sync across devices
Your tasks are always there with you. Anytime, on every device.
Add notes to your tasks to make sure you have everything you need to complete the task.
Break big projects into small tasks. Can also work great for grocery lists.
List management
Create and organize lists to help you stay on top of everything.
Add comments and get updates, All in one place, synced everywhere.
Add reminder and get reminded at the right time or place. You won’t forget your tasks.
Action shortcuts
Call, text, email, buy or even book your trip, all from within without leaving the app.
With the new notification center you'll easily stay updated and on track.
Advanced recurring tasks
Customize your repeating tasks for example, every 2nd weekend or first tuesday of the month.

Have a good day, every day with Cal

With stunning design, powerful features and smart integration with, Cal is probably the best calendar you’ve seen to date.
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