The world’s leading task management platform has finally landed on the Mac App Store

We’re pleased to announce the launch of for Mac – a simple and beautiful way to stay organized at home and work, with the convenience of a true cross-platform experience. Now you can add’s native Mac app to your arsenal of daily used tools, and be productive exactly how you want, wherever you want. To get started, simply download the app from the App Store and your favorite task list will always be just one click away.

With for Mac, life is as productive as you want it to be. No need to pick up your phone or start your web browser. With one click from your desktop, you get clear visibility into your daily tasks and all the same powerful planning features you’ve come to expect from the app. We’ve learned that it’s the little differences that can make a big impact on your productivity, and that’s why for Mac matters. Now, when you have immediate access to your, being the best version of yourself is that much simpler.

It’s part of our trajectory from being a mobile-first company to becoming the world-class, multi-platform tool our users deserve.

Notification Center integration: Get reminders for upcoming tasks, new updates from your team members, and recurring reminders as part of your Notification Center alerts.

Badges for easy reference: One of our most requested features from die-hard, productivity obsesses fans, app badges let you quickly look at your Menu Bar and see how many tasks you’ve got on your list for today.

Easy access from the Menu Bar: Don’t underestimate the value of one-click gratification. Your is right there with all the other vital tools that are part of your daily routine… which is exactly where it belongs.

We’ve seen tremendous growth on mobile since launch, and it’s been clear that creating a fluid cross-platform experience is what makes people realize their true potential. Our motto of ‘getting things done’ only happens when people can do their life’s work from anywhere they choose. We’ve been fortunate enough to create an amazing core experience that naturally fits into people’s daily workflow. Now it’s time to bring it to even more users who want to feel productive without ever feeling like they’re “managing” an overwhelming task list. for Mac is a big step toward that goal.

And the most exciting part? As our CEO Omer Perchik puts it, “The Mac eco-system is a huge market we haven’t even touched yet. There’s a world of people who haven’t considered using our products because they needed a full cross-platform experience. With the launch of for Mac, we believe more and more people will learn about for the first time. We’re extremely excited to bring to people who don’t know us yet. Now is the time to break out in a broader market.”

That’s right. You’re part of a global movement now. Get ready for what’s ahead.

You can download for Mac here