Today, we’re thrilled to announce a new partnership that makes email-to-task forwarding a breeze. This new integration allows users of Any.Do and SaneBox to automatically create tasks when you receive emails from designated senders.


Why email-to-task automation?

Email continues to be a go-to form of communication in our personal and professional lives. From bank statements to bills and receipts and from industry newsletters to daily reports, there is an incredible amount of information coming into our inboxes.

Now take a moment to think about what you do when you receive an email with an action item inside. What is the best way to manage it, particularly if you don’t plan to work on the task right away?

Marking the email as unread and leaving in your inbox hinders your focus each time you open your email. Archiving it or leaving it marked as read in your inbox dramatically increases the likelihood that you will forget about it entirely. Neither approach streamlines your to-do list and manually adding the tasks to your task manager takes extra time.


An easier process

Our new integration with our friends and fellow productivity hackers at SaneBox lets you accelerate and automate email-to-task creation. How? Teach SaneBox which emails should be automatically forwarded as tasks to your Any.Do task list.

For example, if you receive electronic bills for your home or business, train SaneBox to automatically forward them to Any.Do. When you open Any.Do, the emails will be there as tasks, ensuring you don’t overlook payments or waste time figuring out what to do with the emails when they land in your inbox.

Ready to get started? First, create a new SaneFwd folder in your SaneBox dashboard and select Any.Do from the dropdown. Once the folder is created, head over to anywhere you already check your email. Move existing messages into your new SaneFwd folder and all future emails from that service provider will automatically forward to [email protected] and be turned into tasks.


So there you have it—a deeper level of productivity and organization brought to you by Any.Do + SaneBox.