After a lot of hard work, we’re happy to introduce 4.0, the ultimate app for getting things done. We know how busy you are and that you need a simple yet powerful tool to get life under control. With 4.0, we’ve combined the world’s best to-do list, together with a slick new calendar and an AI Assistant that can actually take care of your tasks for you.

A Beautiful Calendar

Adding a Calendar view combining your events and tasks in one place was a natural next step (and a popular request). We wanted to make our calendar as flexible as possible to meet your needs and created daily monthly and weekly views. We also made sure our calendar sync seamlessly with any calendar on your device. We’ve even added a clever scheduling feature, called “One on One”. One on One lets you easily find mutually available meeting slots with just a few taps. All this perfectly integrates with the existing app. The calendar is available globally for iOS, with Android coming soon. Calendar Lightning-fast Sync already works on all devices, but anything that shaves off seconds helps productivity. So we went back to the drawing board and rebuilt and simplified our entire backend architecture so it’s built for speed. The result is’s all-new Real-time Sync. Available across all To-do list Real-Time-Sync

Meet the Assistant

The Assistant is a new way to think about productivity: making sure things get done, whether you do them yourself or someone does them for you. By putting an assistant that combines smart AI and clever humans right into your to-do list, we make a more personal and useful experience. After analyzing over one billion anonymized tasks, we built a new type of assistant that can actually accomplish your tasks for you. Unlike fully-automated solutions like Siri or Google Assistant, the Assistant automatically scans your list and selectively marks the tasks it can get done in the real world. Then it offers ways to do them. The Assistant comes to you, rather than you having to come and ask for help. A complete paradigm Personal Assistant

The Assistant is powered by a combination of smart AIs and smart supervising humans, so you know that even a difficult and nuanced task – like finding your mom the right bracelet for her birthday – will be done right. Fully automated solutions like Cortana or Siri can’t do that. The Assistant can tackle holidays gift-giving, house cleaning, groceries, laundry, and many more of your pending tasks. Unlike human-only assistant services, the Assistant is deeply integrated to your every day to do list and calendar, reasonably priced at only a 5-15% service fee for a product or service procured, and is not limited to only a handful of vendors. It’s rolling out in limited beta now for iOS, with Android coming soon.

The future of productivity

We’ve been working on this for years. Building world-class self-serve tools like was just half the equation. We needed the other half, the part that helps you balance your overstretched life so you have time for the things that matter. The Assistant saves you time which means you can spend more time with your family, at the gym… or even just get to an empty to-do list for once. And because our technology is always learning, it’s getting better and covering more tasks every day, so’s not only the best way to keep life under control… it’s the last productivity app you’ll ever need.


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