In a matter of just few years, Slack has established itself as one of the most important platforms for getting things done. Teams from all over the world are currently using Slack to discuss, collaborate and accomplish great things. 

With its unique messaging platform, Slack has revolutionized internal communication by making it fast, fun and simple. But, with the growing amount of users utilizing the platform – it’s starting to become harder for members to focus on what actually matters. Important conversations easily get off topic (how can one stay indifferent to GIFs?!), while critical action items get lost within those ever evolving threads.

Slack growth chart

(Slack’s Hockey Stick Growth 2013-2016)

Something Had to Be Done!

It’s no secret that once established, (work) habits are hard to break. For this reason, we’ve set out to create a product that will allow users to track their to-dos and collaborate effectively, while still enjoying Slack’s packed interface uninterruptedly. 

What is for Slack

Launching in beta today, for Slack is composed of two separate yet complementary modes – Multiplayer & Singleplayer. Combining automated task-capturing capabilities with quick and simple functionality, we’re now offering you the freedom to take your mind off the little things and focus only on the essentials.

Multiplayer mode ( AKA OMG, Works like Magic – Group Channel) 

(’s task detection technology)

One of our main goals when designing the Bot, was to build a product which helps teams keep track of everything that needs to get done. With a platform focused on messaging, an everyday challenge project-leaders were facing was capturing action items from various channels and conversations, as well as ensuring that team members stay on top of their tasks and deadlines.

Created by our top engineers and data scientists, the Bot introduces unique technology which automatically detects action items within Slack’s internal channels. Once a task is detected it will be captured automatically and offer you to set up due dates, reminders and even assign items to any of your other team members. You can now easily take ownership of a task by adding it to your list or simply assign it to one of your colleagues. A must have for any productive work environment.

Single Player Mode (Your Productivity Coach – Private channel)

(, your personal productivity coach)

Our second goal with for Slack, was to allocate a space to effortlessly manage and prioritize your tasks. In the Single-Player mode you can easily:

  • Create to-do’s by chatting with “Remind me to book a trip to Barcelona next week”
  • Complete tasks
  • Create and assign tasks to others
  • Plan your day with a daily timetable of your tasks
  • Receive reminders when one or more of your a tasks are due

Everything you need for a productive work day is now readily available for you.

How To Connect Slack &

  • Go to, and tap on “Link my account”
  • Select your organization and authorize (You can review our privacy policy here)
  • You’ll receive a message on your slack asking you to log in with your account

For more information about the Bot for Slack visit our Help Center.