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Turn Starred Slack Messages Into Tasks

Instant communication at work is crucial for getting things done. Slack is a great place to discuss ideas, make plans and set goals –...
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Connect Google Calendar with

Meetings are intended to be an engine of productivity in the workplace, a way for people to get together to discuss ideas, debate issues,...
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Goodbye Distractions, Hello Focus

Most of us think it takes a minute or two to return to focusing after we get distracted when actually, studies have shown it...
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Google Calendar – The Ultimate Guide

Google Calendar 2019 Tutorial Say goodbye to your pens and paper. No more forgetting doctor’s appointments, work meetings, family dinners, or special events. You...
16 min read launches a smart grocery list that saves you time

We’re pleased to announce’s all-new smart grocery list: a new way to make your grocery shopping experiences easier, smarter and far more personalized....
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August 2019 Printable Calendar​

Plan your summer with’s clean and free printable calendar for August 2019
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January 2019 Printable Calendar​

It’s that time of year again. 2018 is coming to a close and people are creating their to-do lists for 2019. It’s an exciting time,...
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July 2019 Printable Calendar​

Summer is here, start planning all of your fun activities using one of these super stylish and of course free July 2019 Printable Calendar.
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April 2019 Printable Calendar​

Download our free and easy to use April 2019 printable calendar so you can write all of your to-do and events hassle-free, just print...
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