Build Habits Easily With These 5 Features

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Habits are the corner stones for a productive lifestyle. Achieving our goals in an efficient and organized manner is closely related to the daily habits and routines we establish.

It takes time to develop a habit – most commonly quoted as 21 days, though new research suggests a longer period of up to 66 days. Still, 21 days is considered a standard time frame to develop a¬†habit. ¬†In those 21 days, it’s important to be persistent while practicing and implementing the habit you are aiming to establish. For those of you looking to build better productivity habits, we laying out 5 features which will help you better develop those smart habits. Moment

Productivity is all about planning ahead. Sticking to your habits gets so much easier with the Moment feature allowing you to get your day in order first thing each morning. The Moment feature will offer you¬†a daily glance of all of your tasks so you can make smart decisions about organizing and prioritizing things to best fit your day. It will basically teach you how to take 5 minutes each morning to review and arrange your day, getting you in the habit of setting up for success. Taking those 5 minutes to go over your daily errands, reminders and todo’s will highly increase¬†your chances to actually getting those things done.

Recurring tasks

Adding recurrent tasks to your to-do list is the best way to make sure nothing slips by. Very often we find ourselves in need of performing the same task over and over on a regular basis. However, sticking to a schedule is not always simple when you have a busy schedule. Using a recurring reminder is the easiest way to keep track of those repeating tasks – just set the task to recur on a daily, weekly or monthly base and let take care of the rest.


We all need a helping hand from time to time. Sharing a task is a great way to get the extra push you need in order to get things done. Using, you can easily share tasks or lists with your friends, family or coworkers. You can add notes, files, comments and much more with everything being perfectly synced between all of your collaborators. Delegating or even just lending a hand is a great habit to adopt for a more productive workflow.


Staying on top of your agenda, knowing what needs to get done and when makes action items clearer and actionable. By using our calendar feature you can make plans and preventative actions before losing your momentum. Under one slick view, you can easily follow up on your tasks and events, making sure that your long-term plans are heading for success.


Well structured habits are the ones you build up. Tackling a task or an assignment step by step is a great way to achieve your goals. When you find yourself dealing with bigger projects, breaking things down will help you complete things more efficiently. It’s easier to take one step at a time rather than try to tackle it all at once. Things like learning a new skill, losing weight or getting in shape take time. If you break down your main goal into several smaller ones things are likely to be more achievable and your motivation level will be longer sustained.

Now, stop wasting time – your 21 days start today. Make the most out of each one!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the idea of moment – “taking 5 minutes in the morning to go over one’s most important daily errands, reminders and todo‚Äôs”. However, it seems that calendar events and birthdays are not really included in moment, which means I can actually only arrange HALF of my day using moment. Am I doing anything wrong? If not, when will this important feature be implemented? I’d really love to see this feature work and become a Premium user immediately! Thank you and keep up the great work!

  2. Hi. I’ve been using Any.Do for yonks and love it. I wish there was a pay once option to upgrade. I’m not a fan of subscription services but would pay a once only price immediately. Also, I think Any.Do would nail the habit tracking landscape if every time you swiped a habit, it placed a number next to the habit description (eg 2 out of 5 completed this week) and a trophy when you meet your daily, weekly or monthly goal.
    Thanks guys,

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