Calculating the measurements of entire cities, finding out how walls exist without loopholes and drawing Milan like it’s nobody’s business – these are only a few of the things one of the greatest minds of all time had on his To Do list. Leonardo Da Vinci’s tasks, written into one of the most inspiring to-do lists in history, have just been revealed.

Most ambitious goals made achievable

In his interview to NPR, historian Toby Lester brought to light Da Vinci’s incredibly ambitious to-do list. Not knowing what he practices will later become one of the strongest productivity tools to date – the determined man of all kinds, meticulously wrote down goals in a small pocketbook he used to carry around. These insignificant doodles and notes can now be identified as the foundations to many of his most important works.

Some of the most interesting tasks on his to-do list included:

  • [Calculate] the measurements of Milan & suburbs
  • Get the master of Arithmetic show you how to square a triangle
  • Ask Benedetto Portinary (a Florentine merchant) by what means they go on ice in Flanders??
  • Find a master at hydraulics and get him to tell you how to repair a lock, canal, and mill
  • Draw Milan
  • Ask about the measurements of the sun
  • Examine the crossbow of Maestro Ginaetto

Create your own to-do list

Somehow it all sounds reasonably achievable when listed this way, no? 😉

Da Vinci's To Do List
Wouldn’t these tasks look awesome in 😉

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