Most of us think it takes a minute or two to return to focusing after we get distracted when actually, studies have shown it takes an average of 25 minutes to return to full focus after something interrupts you (e.g. replying to a text or checking social media). When you are distracted, not only do you waste time, but you also sacrifice some of your best thinking.

Introducing Focus mode

Meet Focus Mode, a new way for you to concentrate on a specific task and eliminate distractions. We know you want to stay organized and get more done, but if you can’t stay focused, you won’t be able to make progress and meet your goals. For a long time, we gave you a way to create and prioritize your most important tasks, and now we want to help you make sure you actually get them done.

How It Works

We designed Focus Mode to keep you focused on the task at hand. Following the Pomodoro technique, we set the default focus mode to 25 minutes but you can adjust it as you wish.  As soon as you start your focus mode, your tree will start growing. As long as you stay focused the tree will keep on growing but if you leave the app it would cause the tree to be virtually killed – so make sure you’re not getting distracted. The more trees you grow, the more impressive your forest of accomplishments becomes. To go one step further, we also added the option to play white noise during your focus time so you can cancel out any noises around you.

Focus mode is launching today on iOS as a Premium feature, with an Android version rolling out in the next few weeks.