When we set out on the journey to create the next phase of our product, we knew that we wanted to redefine the way teams are working together. For us, it was never just about the product – it was about the people. Learning from a decade of experience and hearing out what our users really wanted, we were able to understand what it was that inspired them and drove them into action.

With that in mind, we’ve created Any.do Workspace: a collaboration platform that empowers individuals.

Definition of Collaboration

It’s amazing what you can accomplish together

What do you think of when you think of collaboration?

For us, it’s anywhere from 2 partners living, working, sharing a life together to a professional team setting deadlines, working hard and striving for results.

Whether you’re busy parents trying to stay on top of family errands and children’s activities, or a corporate organization trying to handle the work of hundreds of people – ultimately, it’s the collaborative work of a few individuals that will either make or break your goals.

With the new Any.do workspace, whatever your team might be, whatever work needs to get done – Any.do will make sure you’ll do it together.

Workspace board

Workspace board

We’ve designed the new workspace boards to be the single source of truth for all important projects, teamwork and individual progress.

They are fully equipped with everything we’ve learned to be at the core of successful collaboration. With a simple Kanban view, based on pre-made or custom templates and holding all aspects of your action items in a single layout – these boards are the outcome of hundreds of talks with our users, accumulative feedback over the years and the latest technology available. They represent the next step of our sharing functionality, as we move on from individual work, to collaborative efforts.

Within these boards you will find:

  • Hundreds of pre-made templates to get you right into work
  • Custom blank boards for a tailored experience
  • Shareable due dates
  • Shareable tags
  • Informative task complete with notes, attachments and checklists
  • Multiple assignment options, for both tasks and individual subtasks
  • An Activity tab for both board and task levels, complete with a chat option, assignments, updates and more
  • Filter by assignee for focused work
  • Various integrations with 3rd party services
  • Chat in-context through our Slack integration
  • And so much more

It takes a team to build a dream and Any.do workspace is here to help your team make those dreams happen.

Moving beyond list-sharing

new beginning quote

As we move towards this new experience, our old platform will be shortly adapted to provide users with the tools they’ve long been needing. As such, the old list sharing capabilities will be gradually phased out in the next few weeks. This means that starting from our upcoming version release users will no longer be able to share new lists (though lists that were shared in the past will remain active and syncing). And by the launch date (in the next couple of months), list-sharing will no longer be supported. Our Support Team will also offer only limited support for issues involving the old sharing functionality.

Lists will soon become a private space for personal items, separated from collaborative work which will be moved to the Workspace area. For those sharing Grocery Lists, these lists will be revamped and shareable some time after the launch, so stay tuned for updates!

But there’s no need to panic!

First and foremost, all of your previously shared lists will remain available in your account and can still be exported for safekeeping.

Loyal Any.do users are welcome to join the new Any.do Workspace entirely for free, from where they can continue sharing and collaborating on various items just as before.

You don’t even have to wait for the launch! You can join our Beta version right now and start using all these incredible features today.

Join Any.do Beta

Everyone is invited to continue sharing items through the Workspace environment with all added collaboration tools. It is currently available on the Web, iOS, and Android – with desktop versions soon to follow.

To get invited to the beta version, simply submit submit your Any.do account’s email here and our team will send you an invite ASAP. As soon as your account is registered, all of your old information will be synced immediately to our new product and you can then choose which lists you would like to convert into sharable boards within your workspace.

The Workspace will be entirely free for the upcoming period and we will offer substantial discounts to beta users once the service is officially launched.

Workspace boards for mobile

We hope to see you all in the next phase of our product and if you have any questions whatsoever, we encourage you to reach out to our Support Team anytime, right through here.