Anyone who has ever managed a list for more than just one person can understand the challenges involved in handling collective action items. In essence, the way you share tasks and delegate duties can make or break your process of getting things done.

Sharing to do list is one of those fundamental functions most people require in order to efficiently organize their agenda. With dedicated features for a productive cooperation, enables users to transform cumbersome collaboration to an easy, manageable process.

In the past, sharing a simple shopping list with a partner could have become a potential hassle, with one person adding the information while the other executes. Getting texts from your spouse about items they forgot to add and then having to get back to the store is never fun. By using’s various sharing capabilities, you’ll never have to worry about issues like that again.

With our Real Time Sync, lists are updated instantly upon revision – for both user and collaborators. Under the Notification Panel users can also find a track record of all modifications made within a shared list or task, easily identifying who did what.

These kinds of features enable’s sharing capability to go far beyond managing household lists, adding unique value to work collaboration, events planning, project management and so much more. With only a single tap, anyone can add to a shared list – making it more convenient than ever to get things done.

How does it work?

On our free version, you can either share one task or a limitless amount of lists – in which you can add and complete as many tasks as you want.

How to share?

  1. Create a new list by clicking on the “+”
  2. Add as many items as you want.
  3. Click on the “+” on the top left corner – add your contact name, email and click send.

You can also do the same with a single task by tapping on it and choosing the Sharing option.

Sharing is quick and easy. If the receiving user has the app installed on their her device, she will receive a notification inviting her to accept the list/ task. If the user does not have the app installed, she will receive an invitation to join the shared list/ task via her email address.

Sharing a list is one of the best ways to make sure tasks get done.

Premium Sharing

Our free version offers valuable sharing functions for standard users, but if you are looking to get more done our Premium plan will help you take things to the next level. As a premium member, you can share lists with multiple members, add subtasks, notes, attach large files, pdf files, pictures, videos, and so much more.  To learn more, click here.