Some awesome news coming today to our Web users! Being one of the top productivity apps out there, has accumulated millions of users from all over the globe who enjoy using the app on a daily basis. To support our ever-growing international community, we have just released an exciting new update allowing users to utilize for Web in French, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Italian and Spanish. To top it off, we have also added a brand new set of keyboard shortcuts for all supported languages, which will help you manage your tasks even more effectively than before. Check it out below.

For quite some time now, both our Android app and iOS app have offered full translation in various languages. The ability to interact with in the convenience of your own native language is an important component in successful task management and something which we are proud to support. With version 4.2.107 of our Web app, we are now extending our support even further, offering translations for 10 of the top used languages by our users – French, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish.

New language preference was added to your Setting menu, where you can choose your preferred language. A localized version for Windows and Mac apps will be available in a matter of days stay tuned for updates!

This latest Web version also includes another new and anticipated feature – the keyboard shortcuts. Our shortcuts include navigation options, such as easily switching views from any of the views on the left side panel, as well as some nifty actions such as adding tasks, editing tasks, adding subtasks, tags, and more. A full list of all supported options is always available when hitting the “?” key and can also be accessed from the Settings menu (under Keyboard Shortcuts).

To learn how to utilize these awesome new features, check out this videoKeyboard Shortcuts