At, we are dedicated to helping you make the most of your day, effortlessly. With the release of iOS 17, we’re thrilled to introduce our all-new widgets that are set to redefine the way you manage your tasks, organize your schedule, and even join video calls. Say hello to a more productive and seamless experience like never before.

Widgets That Go Beyond: A Peek into iOS 17

Your Tasks at a Glance:

Our widgets for iOS 17 make keeping track of your tasks a breeze. With just a quick glance at your home screen, you can now see your to-dos, check them off as you go, and even add new tasks on the fly—all without opening the app. Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating through menus; we’ve brought the essentials to your fingertips.

Your Weekly Agenda, Simplified:

Staying organized has never been this easy. Our widgets allow you to view your entire week’s agenda in a single swipe. Get a holistic view of your appointments, events, and tasks for the week, making it effortless to plan ahead and prioritize your time.

One-Tap Video Calls

With the new interactivity features, we’re taking convenience to the next level. Say goodbye to the cumbersome process of joining video calls. With’s new calendar widget, you can join video calls with a single tap, whether it’s a zoom or google meet meeting or a catch-up in Facetime with friends. It’s as simple as it should be.

The Power of Integration

Our widgets seamlessly integrate with your app, ensuring that you’re always in sync with your tasks and schedule. Whether you’re using on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll experience a consistent, intuitive, and user-friendly interface that simplifies your life.

How to Get Started with’s iOS 17 Widgets

Getting started with our widgets is a breeze:

  1. Update to iOS 17: Make sure you’ve updated your iOS device to the latest version.
  2. Add Widgets: Long-press on your home screen, tap the “+” icon in the upper-left corner, and select “” from the widget gallery.
  3. Customize Your Widgets: Choose the widget size that suits you best and personalize it to display the information you need.
  4. Enjoy Effortless Productivity: Start checking off tasks, reviewing your agenda, and joining video calls with the utmost ease.

Experience the Future of Productivity

At, we’re committed to making your life more efficient and enjoyable. With our iOS 17 widgets featuring interactivity, we’re bringing you a taste of the future of productivity. Now, managing your tasks, organizing your schedule, and connecting with others are just a tap away.

Upgrade your productivity game today with’s iOS 17 widgets. Try them out now and see how they can transform your day. Efficiency meets simplicity, and it all starts with