In the fast-paced, high-stakes world of management consulting, success hinges on the ability to deliver exceptional results for clients. Management consultants are tasked with solving complex business problems, driving organizational change, and delivering measurable value. To achieve these objectives, they need a project management solution that can keep pace with their ambition and match the intricacy of their engagements.

Enter Workspace – a revolutionary project management app that is transforming the way management consulting firms operate. With its intuitive interface, powerful features, and consulting-specific customizations, Workspace is empowering consultants to work smarter, collaborate better, and deliver unparalleled value to their clients.

The Unique Challenges of Management Consulting Projects

Management consulting projects are unlike any other. They involve navigating complex organizational dynamics, aligning diverse stakeholders, and delivering results under intense scrutiny. Common challenges include:

  1. Scope Complexity: Management consulting projects often have a broad and ambiguous scope. Defining clear objectives, deliverables, and milestones is a critical first step.
  2. Stakeholder Alignment: Consulting projects typically involve multiple stakeholders, often with competing interests. Aligning these stakeholders around a common vision and plan is essential for success.
  3. Change Management: Many consulting projects involve driving significant organizational change. Managing the human side of this change is as important as the technical aspects.
  4. Data Analysis: Consulting projects often involve analyzing large volumes of data to diagnose problems and identify solutions. Managing and making sense of this data is a key challenge.
  5. Client Relationship Management: Consulting is a relationship business. Maintaining strong, trust-based relationships with clients is critical for long-term success.

Traditional project management tools, designed for more predictable, less people-centric projects, often fall short in the face of these consulting-specific challenges. They lack the flexibility, collaboration features, and stakeholder management capabilities that consulting teams need. Workspace: Built for Management Consulting Workspace is a project management app that’s designed from the ground up for the unique needs of management consulting. It provides a centralized, cloud-based platform where your team can plan, execute, and monitor all aspects of your consulting engagements, from initial scoping to final delivery.

Key features of Workspace for management consulting include:

  1. Engagement Templates: Workspace allows you to create templates for different types of consulting engagements, such as strategy development, process improvement, or digital transformation. These templates encapsulate your firm’s methodology and best practices, ensuring a consistent approach across projects.
  2. Flexible Work Breakdown: Within each engagement workspace, you can break down the work in a way that makes sense for your project. Whether it’s by workstream, deliverable, or phase, Workspace allows you to structure your projects to match your approach.
  3. Stakeholder Collaboration: Workspace provides a secure, central hub for collaboration with your clients and their teams. You can invite stakeholders to view and contribute to specific tasks or deliverables, keeping everyone aligned and accountable.
  4. Change Management Tools: Workspace includes features specifically designed for managing organizational change. You can create and track change management tasks, such as communication plans, training programs, and resistance management strategies, ensuring the human side of your projects isn’t neglected.
  5. Data Integration: Workspace integrates with popular data analysis and visualization tools, allowing you to link your project tasks directly to the underlying data. This keeps your analyses organized and ensures your recommendations are always grounded in evidence.
  6. Client Portals: With Workspace, you can create customized client portals that give your clients real-time visibility into the project’s progress. You can share key deliverables, track decisions and actions, and maintain an audit trail of all client interactions in one place.
  7. Mobile Access: Workspace’s mobile app allows your team to access project information, update tasks, and collaborate with clients from anywhere. This is invaluable for consultants who are often on the road or at client sites.

Real-World Consulting Success Stories

Management consulting firms around the world are using Workspace to elevate their project management and deliver outstanding results for their clients. Here are a few examples:

  1. Strategy Development: A top-tier strategy consulting firm used Workspace to manage a complex corporate strategy engagement. They set up a workspace with tasks for each phase of their strategy development process, from market analysis to option evaluation to recommendation development. The team used the app to collaborate in real-time, sharing data analyses and draft deliverables within the relevant tasks. They also used the client portal to share key insights and align with the client’s executive team at each stage. The result was a comprehensive, data-driven strategy that was unanimously approved by the client’s board.
  2. Operational Improvement: An operations consulting firm was engaged to improve the efficiency of a client’s global supply chain. They used Workspace to break down the project into workstreams for each major supply chain function, from procurement to logistics to inventory management. Each workstream lead used the app to manage their team’s tasks and collaborate cross-functionally. The change management features were used to plan and track the rollout of new processes and systems. The end result was a 20% reduction in supply chain costs and a significant improvement in on-time delivery performance.
  3. Digital Transformation: A technology consulting firm used Workspace to manage a large-scale digital transformation program for a financial services client. The workspace was set up with tasks for each major initiative, from customer experience redesign to data platform modernization. The consulting team used the app to collaborate with the client’s in-house IT and business teams, tracking hundreds of interdependent tasks and deliverables. The client portal was used to provide executive visibility and secure approvals at key milestones. The program was delivered on time and under budget, and has transformed the client into a digital leader in their industry.

The Benefits of Workspace for Management Consulting

Management consulting firms that have adopted Workspace report significant benefits, including:

  1. Increased Productivity: By centralizing all engagement information and communication in one place, Workspace eliminates the time wasted searching for files, updating status reports, and aligning via email. Consultants can spend more time on high-value work and less on administrative overhead.
  2. Improved Client Satisfaction: With Workspace’s client portals and collaboration features, consulting firms can provide an unprecedented level of transparency and partnership to their clients. Clients feel more involved, informed, and in control, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.
  3. Enhanced Team Collaboration: Workspace makes it easy for consulting teams to collaborate, whether they’re in the same office or spread across the globe. With features like task-based discussions, file sharing, and real-time updates, everyone can contribute their expertise and stay aligned on project goals.
  4. Greater Insight and Control: Workspace’s reporting and analytics features give consulting leaders real-time visibility into the status and health of their projects. They can track key metrics, identify risks and issues, and make data-driven decisions to keep engagements on track.
  5. Differentiation and Competitive Advantage: In the highly competitive world of management consulting, firms need every advantage they can get. By using Workspace to deliver projects more efficiently, collaboratively, and effectively, firms can stand out from the crowd and win more business.

Getting Started with Workspace

Implementing Workspace in your management consulting firm is easy. The app is entirely cloud-based, so there’s no complex software to install or infrastructure to maintain. Simply sign up for an account, configure your workspaces to match your consulting methodologies, and invite your team and clients to join. Workspace offers flexible pricing plans to suit consulting firms of all sizes and types. All plans include unlimited projects, secure file storage, and dedicated customer support from a team that understands the unique needs of management consultants.

To help you get the most out of the platform, Workspace provides extensive onboarding and enablement support. This includes methodology workshops to help you translate your approach into the app, training for your team and clients, and ongoing best practice sharing. The goal is to make sure Workspace becomes an integral part of how your firm delivers value.

The Future of Management Consulting Project Management

The world of management consulting is evolving rapidly. Clients are demanding more value, faster results, and greater transparency from their consultants. At the same time, the complexity and pace of business change is increasing, putting pressure on traditional consulting models.

To thrive in this new landscape, management consulting firms need to rethink their approach to project management. They need tools and strategies that can handle the increasing complexity and collaboration demands of modern consulting engagements, while also providing the flexibility and client-centricity that today’s buyers expect. Workspace represents the future of management consulting project management. By providing a purpose-built platform for engagement management, stakeholder collaboration, and client transparency, it empowers consultants to deliver more value, more efficiently, and more effectively than ever before. It’s not just a project management tool – it’s a strategic enabler for consulting success.


If you’re a management consulting professional looking to take your project management to the next level, Workspace is the solution you’ve been waiting for. With its advanced features, customizable workflows, and proven results, it’s the ultimate platform for delivering successful consulting engagements in today’s complex and competitive environment.

But don’t just take our word for it. Try Workspace for yourself. Sign up for a free trial and experience how it can transform your consulting practice. See how much more efficiently you can work, how much more effectively you can collaborate, and how much more value you can deliver to your clients.

The future of management consulting project management is here, and it’s powered by Workspace. Don’t get left behind. Embrace this opportunity to elevate your operations, delight your clients, and cement your position as a leader in your field. Your team, your clients, and your bottom line will thank you.

Start your journey to management consulting excellence today with Workspace. The possibilities are endless.