We just released a new and sexy redesign for Any.do on the web.

The new version includes:

😎  New, clean & stunning design
🗺  Better navigation with filters, lists & tags
🔎  Universal search for tasks, notes, subtasks, lists & tags
✅  Mark a task as done or delete it easily
⚡️ New filters for today, the next 7 days, and all tasks
🕛  Easily resort by time (our 2nd most popular feature request)
🌄 Tons of new and stunning backgrounds
💪 Lots of performance improvements (i.e. drag & drop)
🚨 Improved notifications for tasks & events
👉 One tap login from https://www.any.do
🤓 Easily update your profile (picture + name)
🖍 Manage your tags more easily

To try the new web app Click here ↗️

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