As recently announced by Google, we regret to confirm that effective June 20th, 2023, and Google Assistant will be parting ways as Google discontinues support for third-party access to their Notes & Lists feature.

Rest assured, although this means that’s integration with Google Assistant will no longer be available, there’s no need to worry! You can continue to rely on to provide a seamless experience for inputting and managing your tasks. Our complete arsenal of productivity workflows and tools is here to make your life a whole lot easier with a variety of alternate options. 

So what does this mean?

As the sun sets on our Google Assistant integration, we understand that some of our users may feel disappointed by this change. However, offers a variety  of different tools that can help you create effortless workflows using voice input, reminder syncing and other features that will help you reach your full productive potential! 

We welcome you to explore our very own voice input for a hands-free experience while on the go.

Just –  

  1. Tap to create a task. 
  2. Tap the microphone icon on your keyboard.
  3. And tell the task you want to complete! 

For iOS users, we also offer a direct integration with Siri & Apple Reminders for a quick and easy native experience. Once synced, you can use Siri to add tasks, set reminders, and plan events. Additionally, all Apple Reminders will sync with and visa versa, making it so you never miss a thing!'s Voice Input Solutions

Looking for more easy ways to integrate with Our Premium and Teams users can also integrate with Whatsapp to quickly schedule tasks straight from ongoing conversations. You can also integrate your Gmail with to turn your emails into action items, or choose a completely customized experience with our Zapier Integration

On a final note

We are committed to providing the tools you need to get all aspects of your life in order. Rest assured, if Google introduces alternative integration options in the future, we will keep you informed. Until then, we are confident that any of our alternate features will help you in continuing to effortlessly manage all your tasks while on the move!