We know that life can be crazy. While there is no way to plan for the unexpected, with Any.do by your side you can stay organized through it all – no matter where you are. Whether you have an important meeting you can’t forget or have a spontaneous idea you need to write down before you forget, Any.do can help you stay on top of everything. It no longer matters where you are or in the middle of what you’re in – Any.do has got you covered. With powerful integrations such as Alexa, Whatsapp, Google Assistant, Siri, and Wearables. With your events and tasks always with you, you’re bound to stay productive all day long – even on your most hectic day!


Stay Connected With Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri 

We know that you have a lot going on. You are busy and can’t always be on your computer or phone. We get it. This is why we’ve made sure you’re always able to use Any.do, even when your hands are tied doing other things. Our flawless sync with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri makes checking reminders and adding to your to-do list as simple as speaking to your virtual assistant. Busy cooking diner for the fam when a great idea an ongoing project comes up? You can still add your action item to the app and follow up when you’re ready. We cherish the value of convenience. That’s why we are always striving to make any.do work for you, when and as you need it – anytime and anywhere. 

Stay on Track With Wearables

Your day can be unpredictable. Running through meetings and multitasking with different projects can be distracting. However, with Any.do by your side right there on your smartwatch, you can be certain you’ll never forget any of your action items. We designed it so you can manage tasks quickly and easily wherever you are. With immediate access to your to-dos on your wrist, you can stay productive and organized anytime. The next time you are in the grocery store, have your list right on your wrist,  perfectly synced with any of your household members who can make sure you get everything you need!

Use Any.do with Whatsapp 

Many of your plans are made over text with friends, family, and colleagues, but with nowhere to store them, these plans can get lost in ongoing conversations. Any.do has come up with the perfect solution for you. Utilizing Any.do’s Premium membership, you can simply text your plans to Any.do as you make them, never having to move from the Whatsapp app. Create reminders straight from your conversations and have our smart algorithm automatically recognize their due dates for quick and effective reminders right from Whatsapp. 

Never Miss a Beat With Any.do

We are always thinking about how to make your life easier so you don’t have to. Download Any.do today and experience all the perks and make your busy life productive and organized.