We all know student life is busy and overwhelming, but in the age of COVID life can seem even more out of control. College students everywhere have had to struggle with unknowns and online classes. Any.do was designed to alleviate some of these pressures and stresses off your shoulder. Whether you are feeling lonely or are having a difficult time staying on track, Any.do is there. We know how easy it is to get lost in the stress of organizing plans and keeping track of everyday tasks, especially during this new normal. Many students’ classes will remain remote this fall and with that students will go without the in-person support and push from professors and peers. Any.do has Focus Mode, Notes and Files features, and a Daily Planner and Agenda view that all help you stay in touch and focused. It allows you to let go of these stresses while receiving reminders and simple lists that let you keep on track. Any.do is here to learn with you and make sure you don’t have to go through anything alone. We also care about your mental health as college students. Make reminders to breathe or go on a walk with Any.do and don’t forget to stay healthy. Our top-rated app, designed to keep you on track and connected allows you to find organization and support during a time filled with so many unknowns.


The Any.do Focus Feature


Being outside of the classroom and away from peers can make focusing even more difficult. The urge to open social media or play a game on your phone can be extremely tempting when there is no one standing over your shoulder reminding you to stay on task. However the reality is even without constant reminders deadlines still exist, that’s why we created the focus feature. The focus feature allows you to set a timer for tasks, while the timer is on you build trees as you continue to be productive. Opening up social media, games, or online shopping results in the death of the trees, creating an incentive and a fun way to keep yourself on track. 

The Any.do Daily Planner and Agenda View

With Any.do have all your tasks, appointments, and due dates laid out in front of you. Our platform lays everything out simply and clearly, so you never miss an important homework assignment or zoom meeting. Worrying about dates and times is the last thing you need on your mind. Let Any.do take care of it for you and instead take that time to get your work done and have time to achieve your goals. 

The Any.do Notes and Files features

On Any.do we know that sometimes you need more than just a simple reminder, so we created the notes and files feature. With this, you are able to add files and notes to all of your tasks. You can add the instructions to a homework assignment or the file to what you are working on. This will help you keep track of important files and remind you of specific details. With Any.do stay organized and up to date. 

Remember to Breathe…

Any.do knows how important it is to take a break. College is stressful. There will always be due dates, exams, and assignments, but overworking and sitting for too long isn’t good for you. Make tasks that remind you to stretch, take a walk, or just breathe. As much as we want to help you finish your work, we want to make sure you’re in the right headspace to do your best. Just simple breathing can lower stress and anxiety levels. Any.do will remind you to breathe so you keep performing your best. 

Any.do is here for you through it all…

No matter what is going on in the world or in your life as a college student, Any.do is here to help you achieve even your greatest goals. Great things come from focus and hard work. Any.do will help you with both of those things. So this year, whether you are taking online classes from home or are back at college, download any.do so we can be by your side the whole time.