COVID-19 has spread all over the world. Many countries are taking every possible precaution to control the outbreak of the virus. If you are freaking out, then you are not alone. People around us are afraid and taking all the preventive measures to protect themselves. If you are not ill but come in contact with any coronavirus positive patient, then it is recommended to stay in a period of home quarantine. We are talking about everything such as medication, food, toilet paper, etc.

Coronavirus Convid-19

But one thing that we are missing is how to fill the time. I know that it is challenging to stay in self-quarantine for two weeks. Maybe you are one of the students who is taking online lectures or a professional working from home. In this article, we are going to talk about things that you can do while staying at-home quarantine. 

Reduce Stress with Headspace

Headspace logoOne of the things that you can do to spend your time is by doing meditation. It is a great way to reduce stress and clear your mind. I know you are not meeting your friends and are feeling lonely. Meditation is a way to reduce stress and calm your mind. If you are a beginner, headspace offers meditations, sleep, and movement exercises for free.

Plan Your Day with (Daily Planner, Tasks & Schedule) Icon

You can use the award-winning app which to organize your daily tasks and schedule. It will help you stay focused and get work done during the home quarantine. These are challenging times not just for you but for the whole world. To make things even simpler, this app works across all platforms and syncs in realtime. Keeping a to-do list for your day and making sure you make real progress during these challenging times can really make a difference.

When Hand Washing Becomes Fun

Behavior change is (really) hard. We just discovered that most people haven’t been washing their hands correctly for most of their lives. A simple tip to make sure you wash for at least 20 seconds, is to sing a song while you do it. But if you’re like us and want to convert a personal favorite song into a hand-washing accompaniment, try this hand-washing lyrics generator.

Workout from home

Peleton icon

Another great way to spend your home quarantine time is by working out. Peloton offers a free 90-day trial for its entire at-home workout library. It provides you with access to thousands of workouts. Exercise is essential for a healthy life and in the outbreak of coronavirus, it is best to exercise and keep your immune system healthy.

Chat with Your Team via Slack

Slack app icon

If you are a professional and your company told you to work from home? Then you need to have a conversation with your team to feel like you are in your workplace. Slack brings all of your team members and provides you with tools that will help you stay productive.

Use video to stay connected with the people you care about

Zoom app icon

We all have friends; the outbreak does not allow us to meet we care about. So, why not have a video chat with them? There are lots of free video services you can use such as Facetime, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, or Zoom. I know we cannot go out with friends anymore but can stay connected with them. 


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