With over 15 million people around the world now depending on our app for their day-to-day productivity, we’ve made Any.do 3.0 our most extensive and powerful update ever.

With Any.do 3.0, we’ve worked to strike a balance between the kind of birds-eye view that keeps you in charge of your future while bringing focus to your everyday tasks that let’s you home in on what matters.

Over 150 product improvements focused on two things – fluidity between lists (both personal and shared) and customized views for when you need to take a different lens on your goals. Jump between lists like “Startup ideas” and “Groceries” without missing a beat, while easily looping in the right collaborators at the right time.

anydo3_gridZoom In And Out Of Lists

Our new Grid View provides a clear look at all of your lists in one place, along with project updates and a quick reference guide for every collaborator involved.

Just click on a list to zoom into your tasks and see things in greater detail. Take a different lens on your goals depending on how broad or focused you’d like to be.

Collaboration With Anyone

Share any list with anyone with ease: Just click on the + icon under the list name and add the people that will help you get a project done. We’ve made our sharing and collaboration features flexible enough so there’s no limit on what you can accomplish with others.

collaboration1 collaboration2 collaboration3

view_optionsEvery List Is Different

Users now have 3 sorting views to choose from – Time, List and Priority. Have a busy day running errands and getting the house in order for your kid’s birthday party? Set your list to Priority view to immediately see everything that needs to get done.

If you’re working on a big work project over the next few weeks, use the Time view to get a grasp on your due dates and project schedule.

Even better, you can now make any list the default list straight from the settings. Default to Work, Family, or any other custom list you need quick access to.

Material Design Upgrades, Design Consistency & New Themes

We redesigned Any.do across all platforms – iOS, Android, Web, Chrome and Mac – to make the experience more comprehensive  and consistent throughout. With beautiful touches of material design, major performance improvements and even a new set of themes, you can now organize anything without having to think about it.

Android Tablet Support

We also went back to our Android roots with some special updates for our original users. Any.do now fully supports Android tablets. Get more done with a responsive design and all new features.

Entirely New & Improved Syncing

You can fully trust Any.do to seamlessly sync across all devices and shared lists with your collaborators. Seamless syncing is core to our app and our increasing number of heavy users, and we spent extra time developing the sync functionality in this new version.

 Any.do 3.0 is available on: 

iPhone | Android (Including tablets) | Web | Chrome | Mac