After a long wait, we’re excited to announce that today for iPad has finally arrived supporting both iPad and iPad mini. With this new release we have reimagined the getting things done experience of to be uniquely optimized for this platform. iPadKeep on doing

With for iPad you can view all your projects in a single glance or to zoom into a specific one to focus on what matters the most. The ability to change your perspective gives you (and your team) the power to make sure you are focused on getting the right things done.

Group planning for iPad makes it easy to tackle big projects in a simple way. Now, you can easily add notes, sub-tasks, files and comments to a every task, share it with a others and get everyone in sync. Every change you make syncs automatically across all your devices. with anyone

Being on iPad means is available to more people now. Maybe you are one of those people. Or maybe you can share with a few more of your teammates, family members and friends. Now you can get things done with anyone in your life and really do great things together.

You can download it here