Turn Evernote Notes & Reminders into Any.do Tasks

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Evernote has over 250m users worldwide for its highly popular note-taking service. Evernote allows you to store, share and keep track of new ideas, important notes, and various projects that can be personal or for work purposes. But, are you making sure you are acting on the notes you take?

With our latest integration with Evernote through Zapier, you are able to make sure your ideas turn to reality. Each time you create a new note or reminder on Evernote your Any.do app will automatically set up a task for you to complete.

Get Started

  1. Go to Any.do’s page on Zapier and connect your accounts.
  2. Make sure you have a Premium account on Any.do.
  3. Activate the Evernote and Any.do Zap and set it up to your preference.

What’s Zapier?

Zapier allows you to instantly connect Any.do with 1,500+ apps to automate your work and get more done. Connect your accounts and activate a zap to automate everything from your simple day-to-day tasks to complicated workflows. It’s simple, yet powerful.

Don’t have a Zapier account?

Go to Zapier.com and simply create an account.

Time Blocking

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Stay organized on the go

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