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Whether you are taking notes during your work meetings or a class, notes are important for a reason. You can memorize your notes as much as you want, but acting on them is what is going to help you learn.

Your notes don’t have to be words on a piece of paper, they can be more than that. Your notes can be turned into tasks, giving you a reason to take action with the notes you take. With Zapier, you can connect with OneNote and every time you create a new note, it will automatically add a new task to your task.

Get Started

  1. Go to’s page on Zapier and connect to your Zapier account.
  2. Make sure you have a Premium account on
  3. Activate the OneNote and Zap and set it up to your preference.

What’s Zapier?

Zapier allows you to instantly connect with 1,500+ apps to automate your work and get more done. Connect your accounts and activate a zap to automate everything from your simple day-to-day tasks to complicated workflows. It’s simple, yet powerful.

Don’t have a Zapier account?

Go to and simply create an account.