Our UserVoice platform has been up and running for years now, acting as one of the biggest sources of inspiration when it comes to new features. Although a great tool for development purposes, it has been established mainly for the purpose of staying connected with you – our users – Any.do’s heart and soul!

Your feedback makes us better. Our constant need to improve, fix and innovate feeds off your feedback and is at the core of Any.do becoming one of the best productivity apps out there.

The past month is great evidence, being one of our most productive months – developing and releasing no less than 3 highly requested features. These were all asked by our community and we are super excited to update you on each one. Not to mention a couple surprises we have for next month. Spoiler alert, you can find it here.

Custom Snooze For Android

With over 1000 votes, this feature was only a matter of time 🙂 On top of the 4 time suggestion (which you guys seem to love), the Android pop-up now offers a “custom” option which gives you the freedom to select the exact time you wish to be reminded again.

Translucent/Clear Widget

About a month ago the new widget for Android was released and we got some great feedback from you guys. It’s been in the works ever since we saw increasing demand for such a feature on our UserVoice page and we were seriously proud of having it tailored to your demands.

Calendar Integration for iPad

2018 is here and it’s time to update our iPad app with all of the recent feature updates our iPhone users are already enjoying. Now, you can enjoy the combined view of tasks and events on your iPad as well! All you need to do is to download Any.do’s latest version from the app store and start experimenting with the new look and features 😉

What’s next?

Well, lots of stuff obviously! 😍 To name a few – Apple watch! Shopping list!!! and of course this number one requested feature!