5+ Real Any.Do Auto-Suggestions To Make You Laugh

54 sec read

We’ve been called many things – life savers, organizational gurus, productivity experts (or procrastinators, depending on who you ask) and even get the occasional “It¬†takes that¬†many engineers¬†to make a task app?”¬†But hey, we don’t take ourselves too seriously around here. We work hard to make Any.do clever, and although auto-suggest is one of our best features, even that can be a little too powerful sometimes.

That’s why we present to you some of our finest auto-suggestions to-date, proving that¬†algorithms, while¬†frightening in their capacity to take over our lives, can also be funny if you pay close enough attention.


1. Any.do¬†decides¬†who should be in your life, so you don’t have to. Not bad for an app.


2. If you consider the alternative, it’s not a bad choice


3. Extra feature: Long-term life planning (Go to Settings > Preferences > Life Planning to ON)



4. Creepiest smiley face ever



5.¬†Translation: “Any.do Gmail plugin sometimes has¬†entertaining¬†ideas”


6. No messing around


7. Attitude, built right into the algorithm


8. Because we care


Got a funny one to add to the list? Take a screenshot and tweet it to us @AnyDo, and we’ll put it up.

– Any.do Team