Good news Android users! We know how much you love your wearable devices for their multitasking, on-the-go, capabilities. With’s latest development, our app is now officially supporting all wear devices. With just a simple set up, you too can now enjoy a compact task manager – straight from your wrist!’s Android Wear app was designed to support a quick and simple task management on-the-go. This minimalist feature allows users to easily create tasks via voice command or by typing-in, while seamlessly syncing┬áthem in real time to all other platforms. The app will also ensure you get all of your reminders straight to your Android Wear device so that nothing is left undone. You can even choose to snooze or complete the task via the notification options.

How to install the app on your smartwatch

  1. Make sure you have’s latest Google Play version.
  2. Activate your Watch.
  3. A pop up notification will appear, letting you know that is now available to download.

If the notification fails to show –

  1. Check again that you’re using’s latest version.
  2. from you Wear device, access the Google Play app and scroll down to ‘Apps on your watch’. Select ‘’ and you’re done!