Congratulations to the winners of our #AnyDoProductivity Tip contest! We got some great material for our upcoming Productivity Playbook (stay tuned) and are pleased to announce the winner of a new Nexus 7.

Thank you to everyone who entered. It was a great way to celebrate our web app launch.

Grand Prize Winner of a new Nexus 7:

Joey Hill: Determine where and/or the means by which you complete most of your tasks. Use folders to organize and complete tasks accordingly. Completing all tasks in the “On the telephone” folder before leaping to tasks in the folders “At the copier” or “In the library” (I’m a teacher by the way), for example, increases focus, produces a satisfying sense of closure, and saves time by reducing time and steps wasted during transitions.

Winners to be part of our Productivity Playbook:

@AlexisTheory: Keep a folder of low priority tasks you want to do. Use these as prizes for when you get through a really hard task.

@Andy_Timm: Put your bucket list into the “Someday” category, then find ways to move them to “Upcoming”

@cecilialu: My favorite #AnyDoProductivity tip: a reoccurring reminder to call my grandma in China, directly linking through Skype!

@DuskMind: I put 1- to 2-sentence writing prompts in at random points to keep my mind creative.

@M1keJone5: @AnyDO Use the Gmail extension to add reminders for email you need to deal with then file the email to keep inbox clear

@Jessica_Bussard: TMW falling asleep you remember you forgot to (fill in the blank), plug it into and go right to sleep.

@joseph_fiss: Unless it has to be done at a certain time, do the most challenging thing on your list first thing in the morning

@KeithHelfrich: create folders for “To READ” and “To WATCH”, where you collect the URLs of articles & videos. Dip in when you have time

@thewheelexists: I have folders for different times e.g. 5 mins, 25 mins so I can easily see what to do when using #pomodoro technique #AnyDoProductivity

Carl N. Woody: Less than 20: Keep a folder of projects that can be done in twenty minutes or less. When you finish another big project early, you can check an item or two off in the less than 20 folders.

Mike Jones: Use reminders sparingly – too many too close together and you end up snoozing them.

Think you’ve got a tip better than these? Great, next time enter our contest! 😉

Go forth and be productive,
The Team