The time to hit the books is just around the corner. While many students are anxiously preparing – know that has got you covered. With everything you need for a successful academic year conveniently found in one single app, managing and keeping track of all of your tests, papers, and assignments has never been easier. Students of all levels can benefit from using a tool which will help plan and execute their tasks. If you are looking to start this academic year on the right foot- this post is just for you.

These 6 ideas will help you save time and effort while managing your classes, exams, assignments and semester.

1. Create folders – lists

Start off by creating a smart board: Create a new list for each subject and add your tasks & assignments as the semester goes by. By breaking down your topics and having them all right in front of you, you will be able to easily keep track of things while monitoring your progress.

A simple click on each list will reveal the status of your tasks and which ones you are yet to complete.

2. Use Subtasks

Planning ahead is crucial when it comes to getting things done on time. Subtasks help us better structure our tasks, which in turn keeps us from getting overwhelmed. When we break each task down, we create “mind maps” which help us understand what needs to be accomplish. We keep our focus and execute tasks one step at a time. For example, when studying for an exam – sub-tasking all of the relevant chapters will help you stay on top of your material so you can make sure nothing is overlooked.

3. Add files


Make your life easier and your work faster by adding important files to each of your tasks. You can add pictures, videos, PDFs and voice records straight to the Notes section of your task.  Instantly attach reading materials, video tutorials and lecture-recordings to easily review

when it’s time for finals.




4. Set Reminders

Let remind you when it’s time to hand your paper or start reading that book for finals. Arrange your tasks by dates so that you never miss a deadline again. You can also use the Moment feature to plan your tasks each day, prioritizing urgent matters while pushing back trivial tasks.

5. Share it with friends

Study groups have been known to take the edge off when preparing for a test or working on a complex project. Collaborating with your classmates is super fast and easy when using our sharing feature. You can share lists or tasks with your study buddies, assign tasks and add notes. You can effectively manage your projects, divide the work load and keep on top of your friends’ progress. To find out how to utilize the sharing options to your benefit, click here.

6. Calendar

Saving the best for last – with our newest Calendar Integration you no longer have to spread yourself thin over multiple calendars and boards. In’s Calendar View you can now see all of your tests, tasks, and events under one roof.










With these tips, this year can be your most organized, productive and successful yet! Good luck!