Every project you, your team or your entire company receives has to continuously be edited, updated and tracked for who knows how long. Basecamp holds all those projects in one central place, eliminating any disorganization and confusion. One new project means multiple new tasks are on their way.

Thanks to our new integration with Basecamp via Zapier, you are capable of creating actionable tasks to make sure each step throughout your projects is completed to its fullest potential. Every time you get a new to-do on Basecamp, there will be a new task created just for you on Any.do, helping you break down your projects into smaller parts to ensure you are as productive as possible.

Get started

  1. Go to Any.do’s page on Zapier and connect Any.do with Zapier.
  2. Make sure you have a Premium account on Any.do.
  3. Activate the Basecamp and Any.do Zap and set it up to your preference.

What’s Zapier?

Zapier allows you to instantly connect Any.do with 1,500+ apps to automate your work and get more done. Connect your accounts and activate a zap to automate everything from your simple day-to-day tasks to complicated workflows. It’s simple, yet powerful.

Don’t have a Zapier account?

Go to Zapier.com and simply create an account.