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For organizing every aspect of your personal life

Free Forever.
No credit card.
Key features
  • Tasks & lists
  • Reminders
  • Calendar
  • Daily planner
  • Sync across devices


For power users who want to manage work and life like a pro

$2.99 per month
billed annually
$5.99 per month
Cancel anytime.
No commitments.
Everything in Personal, plus
  • Recurring tasks
  • Whatsapp reminders
  • AI-Powered features
  • Color tags
  • Location reminders


For families who want to easily manage their household

$8.33 per month for 4 members
billed annually
$9.99 per month for 4 members
Cancel anytime.
No commitments.
Everything in Premium, plus
  • Shared family space
  • Up to 4 members included
  • Shared grocery list
  • Shared projects (up to 4)
  • Everything Premium


Collaborate with your entire team on any project or task all in one place

$4.99 per month / member
billed annually
$7.99 per month / member
Invite your team for free.
No credit card.
Everything in Premium, plus
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Unlimited project boards
  • Unlimited team members
  • +100 workflow templates
  • Admin tools & permissions

Trusted by +40,000,000 highly productive individuals, families and teams


I've already recommended this app to so many people! has changed the way I work.

Emily P

No other platform could give my team the kind of tool that’s fun and simple to use yet still allows full customization for our unique workflows.

Debra R

I literally tried every product out there and the simplicity of was just 100X more powerful than any other complex platform that my team doesn't really need!

Aaron T
v5.home.pricing.img4-alt is as powerful on my iphone as it is on my mac or watch. Always works for me and is absolutely loved by my team.

Kylie M
v5.home.pricing.img5-alt offers so much value that you will end up organizing your life around it. It keeps rolling out upgrades weekly! That's a massive life improvement every seven days!.

Melissa F

Before using it I was drowning in the clutter of everyday work. These days, takes care of clearing the mess for me while I get to focus on what’s truly important.

Nathan W.

With all its capabilities, I really believe is the best app out there for managing my team’s work. It gives my employees a place to manage their personal life alongside their work life in one single platform. Everyone loves it!

James G

Frequently asked questions

How can I tell which plan is right for me? What’s the difference?
Are you looking for a personal to do list with unlimited tasks, subtasks and Grocery Lists? Then the basic (free) version is just what you need. Do you want to power up your productivity with advanced features such as our Zapier Integration, Location Reminders, Custom Backgrounds and Themes and more? Then the Premium plan is just up your alley. Looking to plan out your family’s agenda, after-school activities, shopping lists and more? Share your household projects, todo lists and calendars with our designated Family plan! Lastly, if you’re looking for advanced project management and collaboration then Teams is your perfect solution. Still not sure? Reach out to our Customer Success Team for assistance.
Can I use for free?
You sure can. offers a free version for personal users looking to manage their tasks through private to-do lists. We also offer FREE trial periods for our Premium and Teams plans, so users can fully enjoy the benefits of our advanced features before committing to a paid plan.
What is an Workspace? Workspace is a team collaboration platform that empowers individuals. It's an all-encompassing platform that enables teams to streamline their work, collaborate successfully, and manage both personal and professional projects simultaneously. To start a free trial with Teams and experience everything Workspace has to offer, click here.
I want to share tasks with other users. Which plan should I choose?
If you’re looking to share items with your partner/household then our Family plan is just right for you! But if you’re looking for more advanced collaborative features for large team and/or project management options, then our Workspace plan is best! You can find more details about our plans here or contact our Success Team if you have any specific questions.
I’m a single user, do I need to purchase a plan?
Not at all! You can use Personal entirely for free for as much and as long as you like. But if you want to get access to the Workspace and boards or need some advanced features like location reminders, integrations like Whatsapp and Zapoer, advanced recurring reminders an others, we recommend checking our subscription plans for added productivity 🙂
How can my team try out Workspace for free?
Easy! Take advantage of our full 14 days trial of Teams by clicking right here. There are no strings attached and no hidden charges - so what are you waiting for? :)
Can I get a Workspace (Teams) demo?
Absolutely! Our Customer Success Team will be more than happy to show you everything Teams has to offer. Feel free to book your personal demo from the Contact Sales link right at the top of the screen.
How many members can I add to my Teams plan (Workpace)?
As many as you need! There’s no limit to how many members can be added to your workspace 🙂
How can I control who has access to my boards and what my team can see?
Workspace admins and board admins have total control over shared items! With our quick and easy permission-settings, you can control who can access what and even choose to create entirely private boards for your eyes only!
Do I need to pay for all members in my workspace (Team)?
Yes. All members added to your workspace will be part of the Workspace Admin’s subscription plan. These members will have full access to the workspace, boards and all upgraded Teams and Premium features. However, if you want to share boards in read-only mode you can do so with external links for no additional cost!
Can I add more members to my family plan? Do I pay for each member?
The family plan already includes all members so there’s no additional cost! The number of members in the family plan is fixed though and you cannot add more members to this plan (for more members, we recommend checking out the Teams plan instead).
Do all members in my Teams/ Family plan get access to the paid features?
Yes! Each member will have the same access to the upgraded features such as Whatsapp,’s AI features, Third Party Imports and more.
I want to remove a Teams/Family member. How will it affect my billing?
If you want to remove an inactive member you can easily do so straight from your account. Any member you remove from your plan can be switched with a new member for the same seat 🙂 Just make sure to remove the member before adding a new one!
Do you offer discounts?
We sure do! If you’re a student, an educator or working for a NGO, reach out to our Customer Success Team for a discounted Premium offer today.
What payment methods are available? offers various payment options for the convenience of our users. Direct credit-card payments are available for both Premium and Team plans, while further options are supported via Google Play or Apple’s App Store per your location. For any questions regarding our payment options, feel free to reach out to our Support Team.
Can I cancel at any time?
Of course! There’s no commitment when upgrading to our Teams or Premium plans. Users can easily cancel their subscription plans through the app or the associated payment provider. For more information regarding billing and cancellation, check out our Help Center.
Do you offer refunds?
We wholeheartedly believe that our product has everything you and your team are looking for. However, if for some reason you feel differently our team will immediately refund you for your purchase, subject to our TOS. To learn more about refunds and cancellations, see here.