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Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be a pain. With our Grocery List, you can simply add items and see them get sorted by aisles automatically. Create numerous lists for your favorite stores and share them with your loved ones.
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Personalized grocery items

Personal and blazing fast

Keep last week’s shopping items for next week. Get personalized recommendations to save you valuable time and efforts.

Shared Grocery List for families


Smart lists

Add grocery items and we’ll automatically add them to a dedicated shopping list, organized by category, to make your shopping experience easier. Even better, you can add items with Siri.

Shared Grocery List for families


Multiple lists

Getting groceries in multiple stores? Now you can easily make a specific shopping list for each store to save precious time and hassle.

Manage multiple shopping lists
Manage multiple shopping lists

New ideas for your grocery list

Find amazing recipes online and paste their ingredients directly to Our smart Grocery List will sort them out for you automagically, for a fast and easy shopping experience. badge
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