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What will you manage with Workspace?

Manage work projects and your daily tasks in one place

Project management

It’s all you need to manage work

From simple to complex projects, they’re all easy to plan, manage and track using Workspace.

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You’ll be surprised by what you can fit in a task

A task is where all the action happens. Break down big tasks into smaller action items, document everything and keep your team in the loop.

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File attachment

Save time by keeping all relevant project assets in one place.


Break down big projects into smaller actions. Assign subtasks to different team members.


Easily categorize, show progress or make tasks more searchable with customized tags


Keep all the task information, instruction and guidelines - right in the task.


Delegate to your team members and keep everyone accountable.


Discuss tasks with your colleagues in real-time.

Due dates

Know when a task’s due. Align your team around a shared schedule.
Team Collaboration

It’s called teamwork for a reason

Effective communication is key to great teamwork. Assign work, comment, discuss and collaborate over tasks.
  • Assign tasks and subtasks
  • Real time-chat
  • Unlimited board members
  • Share due-dates

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“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.”

Nathan W. Morris, author and finance expert
My Day

Plan, prioritize and manage your day with My Day

My Day is your personal and private daily planner. With the help of ‘Smart Suggestions’, calendar integration and Daily Refresh - you’ll always be on top.

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Get ‘Smart Suggestions’

Get personalized suggestions of which tasks you should focus on today.

Always in focus

Get a fresh start daily to focus on what’s really important.

Plan your day

Personal or work, plan and organize your tasks today.

Calendar integration

Review today’s schedule and make plans accordingly.
Join video calls with one click.

A workflow for
every use-case

Get straight to work with one of our tried & tested templates. Browse our gallery to find the right one for you & your team.
Powerful integrations

Use with the
tools you love Workspace comes with native integrations to popular work tools such as Zoom, Slack, Gmail and Whatsapp. In addition, enjoy +5,000 integrations through our close partnership with Zapier.

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Simple & Fast

Quick onboarding for your whole team. It’s super simple and fast.

Full “How-to” VOD library

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Quick start with templates has over 100 workflow templates for every use-case

Cross-platform integration

Give your team
a choice

Are other teams in your company using other tools?
Collaborate with everyone using our 3rd party integrations.


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