Your busy life deserves this. is an award-winning app used by millions of people to stay organized and get more done.

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Tasks sorted on Any.doโ€™s to-do list


Itโ€™s never been easier to organize your life

Organize your tasks, lists and reminders in one easy to-do app. syncs seamlessly across all of your devices, making your to-do list accessible everywhere.

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Tasks sorted on Any.doโ€™s to-do list


The calendar app you won't be able to live without

Keep track of your progress. Add smart reminders so you never forget a thing. With beautiful themes and turbo-charged features, youโ€™re guaranteed to save time and achieve great things.

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Weekly agenda on Any.doโ€™s Calendar

Organize anything with anyone, anywhere

Wherever you are, take your to do list with you. Access on mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet and even your watch! Your tasks are automatically synced across all of your devices, giving you ultimate control.

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Remind me toโ€ฆ

Set reminders to make sure important things donโ€™t slip away. With powerful one-time, recurring and location based reminders, you can be sure critical things donโ€™t get forgotten.

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The grocery list of the future

Streamline your grocery shopping experience thanks to Any.doโ€™s smart grocery list. Get your grocery items automatically sorted, easily import online recipes and share your list with your family. It works with Siri and Alexa too!

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The secret weapon of successful people Moment helps busy people like you focus on whatโ€™s important. It helps millions of people save time for the things that really matter.

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