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to manage it all

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Tasks & Lists

Easily manage all your tasks and lists


Organize all your calendar events
and tasks in one place

Daily planner

What’s your plan for today?


Review your upcoming events, tasks,
and conference calls at a glance.


Set time based, location and
recurring reminders

Works Everywhere

Sync across all your devices

WhatsApp 🤝 Any.do

Easily create tasks and get
reminders in WhatsApp

Turbocharge with AI

Save precious time and effort
with your all-new AI assistant

Break It Down

Get more done by breaking
down task into sub-tasks

Visually Organized

Get color tags to visually
organize your tasks

Organize Your Family

Create a family board to easily
manage your household

Shared Grocery List

A shared list that auto groups
your grocery items by aisle

Manage Family Projects

Plan a vacation or a household
renovation with a project board

Schedule and Assign Tasks

Set clear responsibilities and
deadlines to your loved ones

Chat In Context

Chat on tasks in context to keep
things organized

Unlimited Boards

Easily manage any team,
project, client or workflow

Assign Tasks

Assign tasks and sub-tasks
to promote ownership

Kanban View

Use kanban view to easily
manage any workflow

Calendar View

Use calendar view to easily track
due dates and deliverables

Table View

Track your team’s progress
visually with Table view


Get started in seconds with over
+100 custom made templates


Any.do works with over +6000
apps to automate your work

Custom Views

Create a bird-eye view for
all of your teams’ work


Auto assign tasks, due dates,
update status and more

Chat In Context

Discuss task details in context
and keep things organized

Custom fields

Add custom fields to enrich your
tasks with important context

Board notifications

Customize board notifications to get
only the updates you care about

Private Boards

Managing sensitive information?
We got you covered

Live Chat Support

Get live chat support from
the Any.do support team

Security In Mind

Easily set permissions for
your whole team


Instantly import your work from
other tools automatically

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