Sleek and packed with features. The optimal calendar for Mac users.

Apple’s official editors’ choice for an all-in-all to-do list, reminders & calendar for Mac. Now faster and simpler than ever.
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Powered up with a combined overview

A calendar that truly reflects your day: projects, tasks, meetings and events. Easily switch between Calendar and Task View, with the new Calendar for Mac OS. Rely on a single platform for all of your productivity needs.

Organize your life

Get the most ouf of your day.’s newest calendar for Mac is here to schedule your meetings, take notes and keep track of your tasks so you don’t have to.

Take it anywhere

Your life keeps buzzing on the go, so we made sure you’re all set. Access your calendar & to-do’s from your phone, check out your smartwatch or talk to it over the virtual assistant. Whatever tech you’re running, your calendar’s ready.