Run the day, don’t let it run you - with the daily planner for Android.

Make prioritizing a habit to set yourself up for success. Using’s powerful productivity tools you’ll never lose focus from the things that matter most.
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Learn from the pros

Successful people prioritize tasks regularly to ensure important projects get done.’s planner for Android makes it easy to run through your daily tasks and choose which ones to keep on today’s agenda, while pushing others to a later date.

Build a routine

Prioritizing is the first step in the road to execution. With’s slick widget on your homescreen, you’re bound to keep focus on today’s tasks. Create to-dos, manage calendar events, get smart reminders and organize better with colors and lists to build a day that counts.

Plan anywhere

Access your daily planner anywhere you go. Add new tasks, cross-out irrelevant items and use any of our powerful tools on web, desktop, wearables and even virtual assistants. With’s cross-platform sync it’s impossible to forget a thing.