The bad news is time flies.
The good news is you’re the pilot.

Your time is valuable. Manage it right with’s smart reminders for iPhone. Set one-time, recurring or location-based reminders to effortlessly meet your deadlines.
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Make it your own

Life is complex, don’t settle for standard reminders. can be easily adapted to your personal routine. Set recurring reminders for picking up the kids, location reminders for arriving at work and one-time reminders for a birthday or anniversary.

The secret to staying on track

Get a quick overview to stay on top of your plans right from your Notification Panel. With’s widget for iPhone, it only takes a second to see upcoming tasks & events and catch up with your schedule.

Get the complete suite is compatible with all devices including web, desktop, smart watch and digital assistants. Add the app to any of your other devices to manage tasks and collaborate with others, enjoying a reliable cross platform sync.