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Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be messy. With the new smart grocery list, you can add items to see how they get sorted by aisle automatically. Create multiple lists for your favorite stores and share them with your loved ones.
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Be inspired

With’s personalized recommendations, creating a shopping list has never been easier. Items will be automatically suggested based on previous items, so you never have to worry about missing out. We’ll also let you know of popular items near you, in case you’re looking for new ideas.

Smart. Simple. Efficient.

With the new Grocery List feature you can either add your own items or even easier - copy&paste your favorite recipes straight to the app and let detect the ingredients for you. Invite family members to share your lists and make shopping a fun, collaborative experience.

Manage your list anywhere’s Grocery List app is available on any platform including web, desktop, virtual assistants and smartwatches. Enjoy full access to your lists from any of your devices and invite collaborators to shop smartly with you.