The ultimate grocery list for your Desktop.

Use Windows for a smarter shopping experience. Add grocery items and the app will auto-categorize them for you, get personal recommendations and share lists with friends & family.
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It’s like we know you

We’ll recommend relevant groceries as you update your list based on your previous shopping experiences, and suggest popular items we think you’d love. You can also view & edit your lists on mobile, web, virtual assistants and smartwatches.

Shop differently

Add items and we’ll auto-sort them for you. Make grocery lists for your favorite stores and share them with anyone. Paste-in receipes you’re into, and get the ingredients auto-detected and saved in the list for you to save time.

Work on your lists anywhere

Available on any device including mac, web, smartwatches and virtual assistants, lets you work on your grocery lists anywhere. Add in items as soon as they pop into your head and check on items when in the store so you don’t forget a thing.